Scope and aims

The purpose of this international conference is isolation and discussion some of the less-explored and newly emerged issues of the quantum information with the focus on quantum computation, teleportation and cryptography. Quantum information science has become one of the hot and rapidly developing interdisciplinary topics of the contemporary physics during the last decade.

It is expected by the community of experts working on this area that solving of the main problems of quantum information should cause the revolutionary progress in IT – and related technologies.

Today quantum information science is a well-established field of research, with interests spanning many traditional physics disciplines - atomic and optical physics, quantum optics, many-body and low-temperature physics, condensed matter physics and solid state - and with frontiers reaching into computer science and engineering.

However, there are broad variety of problem which should be attacked from the viewpoint of multidisciplinary approach by using the methods and technique of quantum physics, condensed matter and cold atom physics.

This conference aims at discussion of such problem and prospects by bringing together experts working on these topics.

This is the series of the conferences entitled “Asia Pacific Conference on Quantum Information Science” which started in 2011. The proposed conference is 15th conference and it is going to attract broad variety of experts from Asia Pacific region, EU, U.S. and other regions.

Besides invited and plenary talks there will be short talks and poster presentations by young participants from Central Asia and Asia Pacific region.